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 Friend hacked

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PostSubject: Friend hacked   Fri Jan 29, 2010 4:59 am

Some of you knew Shartoi, well his account was hacked...his master account. He has not logged in for over 2 months and was trying to cancel, and now he can't. This is another case of having the same password for the game and master account. No he never bought gold or botted. I think NCsoft has some serious security issues for this to keep happening to so many people.

After L2, Tabula Rasa, and now Aion customer support issues I may not play another NCsoft game. While other companines are improving, they have stayed the same.

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PostSubject: Re: Friend hacked   Fri Jan 29, 2010 6:38 am

That blows man. NCsoft really has dropped the ball with Aion, when it should be their flagship game. I can't believe things got THIS out of hand.


AION Chara: Aoshi Server: Vaizel Gladiator, Lvl 36 Craft: Weaponsmyth (399p)
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PostSubject: Re: Friend hacked   Sun Jan 31, 2010 4:30 pm

Not defending NC and I am sorry to hear your friend got hacked but at same time there are a lot of other ways to get hacked other than buying gold/botting. Good antivirus and use of a strong browser and good browsing practices are all very important, especially on a windows system. Many gold sellers are not just limited to spoofs of legit game websites. If it was a security issue within NC I don't think it would be limited to some people. If a gold seller site managed to infiltrate NC security I suspect number of hacked accounts would be triple what they are. I have been gaming in MMOs for about 8 years now and never been hacked, but am very careful about where I enter any information on sites and stick to well known sites, or if I must go to sites off the grid I use a cheap second computer for that and never enter anything important to me using that computer. I played L2 for years, guild wars and other NC titles and never had a problem with account security so as much as it is annoying they are hit so heavily with botting I think the type of game is why its so heavily farmed compared to other games. Remember the largest community of gold farmers are from china and other asian countries (no this isn't a racist speculation, do a whois lookup on any of the gold seller site URLs and 90% of them are registered out of china). What does that have to do with game type? In NC games everything is expensive! and thats because its based on asian currency ideas. IE 1000s of anything = 1 dollar US. They game is designed to reward determination and repetition. IE if you are willing to grind like crazy you get rich and you get xp but if you are casual you dont get much of anything. The games are heavily consumable and gear related and most of the best items cost in game currency and have low drop rates on stuff to make it difficult. That means theres a large market especially where it comes to North American audiences. Lets face it WoW is so popular in NA because its dirt easy and its easier than pie to get in game coin and most of the best items are drops from raids and cant be sold. So other than vanity items like mounts and such theres really no massive advantage to having lots of in game money. So theres less incentive to over populate those games with bots since most people wont buy gold since its pointless to.

Are there things NC can do to boost security? Absolutely. Mobile Authenticators like WoW use would be great to implement and should be. But there definitely needs to be more personal awareness out there as well. Making sure you using different user names for master and game accounts... not sharing accounts with people..not using obvious things like email addresses for account names or your real name for that point.
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PostSubject: Re: Friend hacked   Sun Feb 07, 2010 2:33 am

I hear ya, I do. My friend really goofed up using the same passwords for the master but he's not exactly slow in updating his anti-virus. I'm not pointing directly at NcSoft here but there response, or lack of, is my biggest gripe. Just look at this guild 3 people now directly report this problem here out of what? 20? Out of the nearly 100 people I know playing this game almost 30 have been hacked. That is really bad odds and a higher (anecdotal) number than I have ever seen. Maybe the culprit is aionsource or something like it but NcSoft could do more, they have just chosen not to imo.

They had awesome customer service for L2, I haven't seen the same here.
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PostSubject: Re: Friend hacked   

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Friend hacked
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