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 Aion Application - Saone

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PostSubject: Aion Application - Saone   Tue Sep 15, 2009 8:05 pm


1/2) My ingame name is (going to be) Saone, and I'm a 23 year old male.

3) I leveled to 20 in CBT4 as a Cleric on Israphel on Asmodian side. CBT5, I rolled on Triniel (new server at the time, to see what it would be like starting on a fresh server) as a Gladiator, and got to 25, and finished getting to 30 in CBT6.

In Open Beta, I leveled both an Assassin and a Chanter to 20, trying to find a class that fit me well.

4) As such, I will be playing an Assassin in live.

5) I plan on initially leveling Tailoring, and I am undecided on my second profession as of yet.

6) I will probably have an alt or two, but not for some time, as I tend to focus almost exclusively one character.

7) I speak English, and am fairly fluent in Spanish, though it's not my preferred language :P

8) I plan on being very active, if previous MMO history is any indication, 3-4 hours a day once things slow down, and more before that. I essentially make my own schedule right now, so I'm pretty free.

9) I have been in guilds in previous games. As I'm a fan of elaborating on applications to give you guys a sense of what I'm about, I'm going to take this spot to do that (especially as your application template doesn't seem to have a lot of space for that...)!

Was an officer (and later Guild Leader) of the Itani Alliance, the foremost Itani guild on Vendetta Online for some time, though I ended up leaving that guild (in good hands, I think) when I left, subsequently signing up for WoW.

I joined a casual raiding guild upon hitting 60, though I soon discovered that I couldn't cope well with the casual environment, and left during a bit of drama over the casual-ness of the guild, and focused primarily on PvP, as I played on an EST server, and I played PST, and there were no guilds who could really accommodate my playing time very well (which included my previous guild, which limited my time raiding there).

Thankfully, I found a fairly newly formed guild, <Insomniacs> that played more late night, and I began to regularly PvP with them. I began to get raid invites from the people I PvP'd with, and eventually applied, and was accepted. Not too long after, Burning Crusade came out, and I became one of their main tanks, as a feral druid, and not too long later, an officer.

I was an officer in <Insomniacs> until a month or so ago, when I stepped down due to a real-life project that demanded most of my time, which is for the most part done now (I'm a computer science major in my senior year, and I was working on a programming project that ballooned into more than 20,000 lines of code over three months).

I've maintained a part-time raiding status with them, and still Arena with one of the other officers, and a senior member, both of whom I've known for almost 4 years.

Throughout my 3 or so years of playing in <Insomniacs> and 7 tiers of content, I've maintained over a 95% attendance rate for raids, and am one of 3 or 4 members who have stuck around since Vanilla WoW, through thick and thin.

All that to say that I am a (pontential) very committed member interested in a change of pace. My past guilds have been good, and I have been good to them in return. Additionally, there has been very little drama all said (though I am open to sharing funny stories!).

However, WoW has gotten old and stale for me, and my friends and I are looking for something new, and Aion caught our interest, as did Equinox (I have several other friends who may be applying, depending. I'd like to have a chat with an officer at some point...).

10) Yes I will? I'm not sure how to take this question, except to say that I'm a team player, and am interested in a well organized guild that routinely does things as a group. I tend to level solo, or in a pair, but I'm up for grouping as well, especially given Aion's leveling style.

11) You sound like a decent group of folks, and I like the way you set expectations ahead of time (for example, "Respect those outside the guild. Do not engage in any activity that brings the honorable name of Equinox down in the eyes of our Server community. It doesn’t matter if you are Leader or a member of the rank and file: You represent us all. Carry that responsibility, and that honor, with pride."), and treat this as a community effort. I have seen a lot of people treat guilds as stepping stones to other guilds, and I resent that a bit. I would much rather prefer to find a home that I fit in with, and find my niche inside a community.

12) Yes I do.

13) Yeppers.

14) The US. I'm also a PST player, and I tend to play at night, usually from 9 pm to 3 am, though that can vary a few hours in both directions. :P

Anyways, hopefully hear from you guys soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Aion Application - Saone   Tue Sep 15, 2009 8:22 pm

Wow, Awesome App, nice long gaming and guild history :-) +1 from me.
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PostSubject: Re: Aion Application - Saone   Tue Sep 15, 2009 9:05 pm

wow lol thats a great app +1 from me as well
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PostSubject: Re: Aion Application - Saone   Tue Sep 15, 2009 11:26 pm

+1 from me as well, and see'ing that your account was already activated.. might as well add you to the list :)
Welcome to the glorious force we call Equinox, and that you may enjoy your stay as a new Martyr.
Make sure to visit our introduction thread, then again u had a nice and long post already :)
Topic will be locked as well.

Woa, impressive history mate gotta give you that! thanks for taking your time heh.


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PostSubject: Re: Aion Application - Saone   

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Aion Application - Saone
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