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 application hildana

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PostSubject: application hildana   Tue May 05, 2009 2:11 am

Before filling out the application , I may have a comment that can save you some time even reading it .....
I know one of the rules to join is being lvl 30+ , but I just started out runes of magic and I have experienced in other mmo's that being in the same guild from the start
is a way better thing for both parties . I'm at lvl 10 atm . But I'll hope you guys consider givin me a shot anyway . Asking for pré lvl 30 data and help would be much more beneficial
from within a giuld . Thx in advance .........Now if ya still intrested in having me read on please .

Thank you for applying to Equinox; What is your RL name and character name?
My real name is samyn Bjorn and I play a female mage called Hildana ( after the wife's name )

Are you at least 18 years old?
I'm gonna ding 31 at the end of May

Where are you from? Knowing your time zone can help us when scheduling guild events.
I'm from Belgium

How much do you play? 10, 20, 30 or even 40 hours a week? Is it mainly weekends or any time?
I don't now the exact amount of hours I'm putting in this game yet since I only started out 2 days ago . I do play much that is a fact .

Please let us know how you heard of Equinox and if you know any of our members.
I heard of it through the forum , as I was searching for a guild to join and I saw the threat poster is dutch , so that can be helpfull when asking for help in my own language ....and I like the way you select your members ( except for the lvl cap 30+ ) , it is very mature ...helps keeping slackers out . If they don't want to put in the effort of filling out an application then how can they bring up the effort ingame right ? .

Do you have a microphone or headset to use with Ventrilo? We are planning to use Ventrilo when we start out with a good game. Even if you have a duct-taped-together headset and the like though, as long as we can hear you and you can hear us. (If you use speakers for sound and a boom mic, you may be asked to turn it off due to feedback interference)
Yes I do have a headset , and I like to talk to ppl even when we r not doing guild events ....sometimes a faster way to get the info needed than typing ..

Do you think you can visit this website and forum at least a few times a week?
yes I can , guild info is mandotary feed In my opinion ...

Any side notes/information you have for our current Equinox members? They can all see this application when finished and they are the final judges on whether to let you join or not. Note that the Equinox people measure you by character, morals and conduct, not combat prowess, loot or level.
If you ppl cast a positive vote on my behalf , you will not regret this . I consider myself to be a nice guy always happy to progress in every aspect ...I'm very chatty and open ( maybe sometimes a little to open lolz ). I do have experience in other mmo's so I'm not a total noob , and I'm a bit of a gather farm machine sometimes I can spend hours farming mats lol . I hope for once The 30+ rule could be left aside as you view this .....Thank you for reading this and I hope I did not bore you that much lolz .

If you feel that you're done, press the button below, no response to this section is necessary. Your answers will be sent automatically to Equinox Leadership via email. Your application will then be posted on a review board for all Equinox members to read and comment on. You can expect a guild invite as soon as you contact an Equinox officer and let them know you have completed this application. You will be ranked as a recruit for 1 week and you may be promoted to full member if you fit in well with the guild and you have got positive reviews from existing members. Your application and full membership may be denied for bad reviews or misconduct. You will need to spend time with members and be active in our forums to become better known.
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PostSubject: Re: application hildana   Tue May 05, 2009 9:12 am

very nice application, but unfortunately Equinox is dead... Try sending your application to Wicked Red, or any other guild you find suitable.

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PostSubject: Re: application hildana   Tue May 05, 2009 1:51 pm

Ya, sorry to say but variance is right.
As far as Runes of Magic goes, there is no more feedback ingame. Sorry mate, and goodluck with other Guilds.

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PostSubject: Re: application hildana   

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application hildana
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