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PostSubject: OOOOOOIIIIIII   Tue Nov 10, 2009 11:50 am

So this is a call out to all SM's in our guild lol
i would like to know how useful sm's are in group play?
like will i never get a group?
will i get punted for a sorc every time?

give me the low down before i spend to much time leveling XD
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PostSubject: Re: OOOOOOIIIIIII   Tue Nov 10, 2009 12:56 pm

Canady wrote:
So this is a call out to all SM's in our guild lol
i would like to know how useful sm's are in group play?
like will i never get a group?
will i get punted for a sorc every time?

give me the low down before i spend to much time leveling XD

Well the SM really isn't a replacement for a sorc. Templar / Cleric / Sorc are mandatory for later instances. The rest can be anything...so you'll be competing against the glad/sin/ranger/chanter population for groups. Fear shriek is nice when the shit hits the fan, but since fear will aggro everything else, it's not typically used very often. Other than that, yuuhi would be able to answer the specifics about SMs better than I can, I'm just going off my experience grouping with them.

Edit: In the dredgion (pvp instance) SMs are highly valued since they can just fear the enemy into mobs. Cheap but effective.
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PostSubject: Re: OOOOOOIIIIIII   Tue Nov 10, 2009 11:25 pm

My point of view regarding Spirit Masters <3;;
Basicly my signature says it all hm? lol :)

To go further in detail;

Sm's are a powerhouse. One of the best "Damage per second" dealers available, due to there DoT's + Pet.
Buffed pet + lotsa DPS in between the damage over time. Like yesterday when i was in Fire temple..

I cast Chain of Earth + Erosion + Sandblaster = 3 Dots ticking. (Then cast servants)
Pet attacks for around 200~400(crit) per hit (When its buffed) and with skill around 1000~. I can cast "fireballs in between" since its mana effective. Then.. Not to mention the crowd control we have..

We have "Fear, we have Silence, Body Root, and normall Root". ( with stigma's)
We also have a lil debuff we can cast every 2 minutes called "spirit erosion", it gives the target a debuff which make him suffer dmg against XX element and give him 20% better drop/loot. Hence why SM's are popular for instance's due to bossfights etc..

Ofcourse Sorc his CC is better PvE wise, but a SM can solo 2-3 elites at the same time if he must. And it works..

The pets..

Fire pet disturbance = -12% defence from the target. (Great in party's for the extra melee dps overall)
Wind pet disturbance = 4 Sec Stun the target (Always a great interupt)
Water & Earth aren't really necesarry in groups, unless u need a temporarily tank.. then Earth can be good since he hits pretty decent with Disturbance skill and gets HP for it.

As an SM, u have 2 different Stigma routes (Which are still heavily discussed).

PVE fully focusses on his pet, another BUff similiar to the DP BUff ( Omfg more crack! )
A Party Buff (Water spirit for example gives more MBOOST + Accuracy "100+") Which is great..
Then.. they have a skill called "Detonation" = which is Enormous burst dps..
and and.. later on you can switch dmg u recieve towards your pet, and u get full "Pet heal" stigma and such.
Congrats, u just moved from 5000 hp to 12000 <3; and.. with Summon alacrity u can resummon dead pet in 0 sec and cast the "shield" again..
There is a lot that can be discussed regarding the SM. Some say its good, others say it isnt.

From personal experience and friends (lvl 50 already "Hardcore Legions") i can safely say the SM is one of the most underestimated classes around. When played right, its the most deadly class in this game around.

But But.. as stated before mate, Sorc might have a bigger burst. The thing we do is DoT up and let the pet do the rest (combined with skills). Our damage rises and makes us pretty good addition.

Last thing i forgot to mention;
Ignite Aether ( is a dispel that removes up to 3 buffs, and deals XXX Dmg per buff removed) IS a great tool to in a party when the mobs cast a shield. ANd its also nice to remove Kromede's defence buff in the early fight.
Though.. these are not necesarry since "dispel" can be used to, its just another addition to the overal situation.

Spiritmaster are big fun to play, and in PVP its hilarious sometimes.. (Water spirit can shoot people out of the air xD ) at level 50.. Tempest Spirit..
I have seen that baby fully buffed in action, and believe me.. when i say:

If it starts murdering People, there would be none of ya left.
U Get the point ;-)


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PostSubject: Re: OOOOOOIIIIIII   Wed Nov 11, 2009 7:05 am

if it gets you to 50 faster go sm
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PostSubject: Re: OOOOOOIIIIIII   

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